VW Run the Ring 2 logoOn 24th September 2017 I took part in a charity event called VW Run the Ring 2. This involved driving my VW Camper Van for an entire lap (clockwise) of the M25 motorway that encircles London.

As the name suggests, this was the second time the event has been run. It will take place again on 23rd September 2018, and more details can be found on the event website

It was all done for a great cause, which was Scotty’s Little Soldiers. This is a charity that helps to support bereaved British Forces children.

A convoy of around 600 VW cars, vans and camper vans started from one of four service stations dotted around the motorway. As the convoy approached a service station, all VW’s waiting in the car park would join the motorway.

A total of £25,758.39 was raised for the charity, which is an incredibly achievement.  And despite what you may thing, driving all the way around the M25 on a Sunday morning with 600 other VW’s isn’t as dull as you may imagine. I think the sunny weather helped.

Below is a video I shot of the entire lap, starting and finishing at South Mimms Service Station. Don’t worry – it’s not in real time, so you can experience the entire lap in just over 15 minutes.

Video of the lap