This is my 1.8 litre Eunos Roadster. It's a Mazda MX5 imported from Japan and as far as I know I am the second owner in the UK. It is a RS-Limited which was a limited edition of just 500 cars in Japan. Over and above the standard specification:

  • Bilstein Shocks
  • BBS alloys
  • Lightened flywheel
  • 4.3:1 Final drive ratio
  • Torsen LSD
  • Front strut brace
  • Thicker Anti-roll bars
It also came from the factory with a pair of nice light carbon fibre Recaro seats, but sadly these are missing from mine as the previous owner had a bad back and swaped them for the standard seats

Full details on my car are available here: Pistonheads

Some videos can be found under the Trackday Videos link